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Galapagos-Miniatures Special Edition


Title: Velaf - The dragon hunter of the mt. Zigba.
Scale: 1:10
Parts: 7 ( Included optional head set, only limited edition 100)
Sculpted & Painted by Ju-won Jung.

Hi everyone,
Galapagos Miniatures is pleased to announce the release of our first special edition
'Velaf' – The Dragon Hunter of the Mt. Zigba.
Galapagos received Young Miniature’s original sculpture, “Dragon Hunter,” which was originally created by Ju-Won Jung a while ago.
Ju-Won added new details to the original figure and changed a bit of its shape in order to fit the character to the world of Galapagos.
The original version allowed Ju-Won stepping into the fantasy for the first time so that releasing the new version of it for Galapagos story means a lot to our team.
Galapagos also appreciate Young Miniatures and Young B Song for providing this wonderful opportunity to launch this meaningful bust.

이번갈라파고스 미니어쳐스의 스페셜에디션 '베라프'(지그바산의 용사냥꾼)를 출시했습니다.
특별히 이번 작업은영미니어쳐의 도움으로 예전에 출시됐었던 '드래곤헌터'의 오리지널 원형을 양도 받아 탄생되었습니다.
또한 새로운 파츠들과 디테일을추가하여 또다른 느낌의 헌터를 표현하기위해 노력했습니다.
유저여러분들께서도 이점 유념해주시고 흥미롭게 봐주길 바랍니다.
판타지세계로 첫발을 내딛었었던 이 의미있는 흉상의 재출시를 도와주신 송영복 작가님과 영미니어쳐에 깊은 감사드립니다.

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